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Photo Gallery

ASEANSAI Knowledge System Workshop Jakarta, 27 February 2019

ASEAN – ASEANSAI – AIPA Joint Seminar Jakarta, 26 February 2019

ASEANSAI Workshop on Fraud Audit Investigation Jakarta, 27 – 31 August 2018

Cooperation Meeting of IDI-ASEANSAI Programme on ISSAI-based Cooperative Financial Audit in Melacca, Malaysia 25-28 Juli 2018

KSC Workshop on Auditing Complaint letter: ASEANSAI in Fighting Against Corruption Bangkok, 29 – 31 August 2017


ASEANSAI – GIZ Strategic Planning Workshop Magelang, 13 – 14 July 2017


LTAPII Phase 2: Facilitation Skills Workshop Vientiane, Lao PDR, May 2017


GIZ ASEANSAI Activity Management Workshop Nilai, 25 – 27 April 2017


8th SPC Meeting on Developing the ASEANSAI Strategic Plan 2018 – 2021 Bali, 16 – 18 February 2017

The 1st FGD on Audit of Revenue, Vientiane, 2016


Workshop on Audit of Public Procurement, Nay Pyi Taw, 2016


KSC Workshop on Public Private Partnership, Bangkok, 2016


KSC Workshop on Health of Services, Bandar Seri Begawan, 2016


KSC Workshop on Water Management, Yogyakarta 2015


ASEANSAI IDM for CDIT Workshop, Bali 2014


ASEANSAI Technical Meetings & Symposium, Jakarta 2014


ASEANSAI KS Worskhop on ISSAI, Bandung 2014


INTOSAI Capacity Building Committee Annual Meeting, Lima 2014


46th ASOSAI Governing Board Meeting, Philippines 2013


ASEANSAI 4th SPC Meeting & 2nd SOM, Quezon City 2013


ASEANSAI KSC Meeting, Malacca 2013


ASEANSAI Workshop on RBAFA, Kuala Lumpur 2013


ASEANSAI General Assembly Meeting, Brunei Darussalam 2013


ASEANSAI IDM on QAFA, Bangkok 2012


ASEANSAN 2nd SPC meeting, Hanoi 2012


ASEANSAI Symposium on Good Governance, Brunei Darussalam 2012


ASEANSAI Seminar on FMAI & Non Revenue Water, Penang 2012


ASEANSAI Committees Meeting, Sabah 2012


ASEANSAI Workshop on Quality Assurance in Financial Audit, Yogyakarta 2012


The 3rd ASEANSAI Strategic Planning Committee Meeting, Jakarta 2012


The 2nd ASEANSAI Rules and Procedures Committee Meeting, Singapura 2012


The ASEANSAI Training Committee Meeting, Quezon City 2012


ASEANSAI Meeting, Jaipur 2012


Executive Committee Meeting, Brunei 2012


SAI Summit of ASEAN Member States, Bali 2011


Technical Meeting on The Establishment of ASEANSAI, Jakarta 2011


Senior Officials Meeting on Establishment of ASEANSAI, Jakarta Oktober 2011


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