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  1. Structure
    • Chairman : The Commission on Audit of the Republic of the Philippines
    • Members :
      • Jabatan Audit Brunei Darussalam
      • The Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia
      • Jabatan Audit Negara Malaysia
      • Office of the Auditor General of Thailand.
  2. Work Plan and TOR
  3. Contact Person:
    Ms. Leila S. Paras [lsparas@coa.gov.ph; leilaparas@yahoo.com]
    Ms. Melanie R. Anonuevo [mairoseano@yahoo.com; mranonuevo@coa.gov.ph]
    Ms. Susana S. Medez [suemed_ph@yahoo.com; susana.medez@coa.gov.ph]
    Ms. Sharon C. Contarciego [scontarciego@gmail.com]
    Ms. Ma. Theresa S. Alfanza [matheresaalfanza@gmail.com]