Posted by admin On February 18, 2020

Continuing the joint cooperation, IDI and ASEANSAI has announced the new project named IDI-ASEANSAI ISSAI Implementation Needs Assessment for Financial Audit. This initiative builds on the efforts and results of IDI-ASEANSAI ISSAI based Cooperative Financial Audits and aims to provide further support to SAIs in the ASEANSAI region for fully implementing financial audit ISSAIs.

Most SAIs in ASEANSAI have benefitted from participation in the first round of IDI’s 3i Programme, the ISSAI implementation programme run by ASEANSAI and IDI-ASEANSAI cooperative financial audit. Even as SAIs have taken many steps to implement financial audit standards, there have been significant developments in the financial audit ISSAIs. IDI has also updated its ISSAI Compliance Assessment Tool (iCAT) for financial audit, based on latest developments. In order to decide on a sustainable way of moving towards a fully complaint financial audit practice, this may the right time for SAIs to take stock of where they are, what has changed around them and chart a future course of action that is realistic and sustainable.

The main objective of this initiative is to support SAIs in ASEANSAI in applying ISSAI compliance assessment tools to take stock of current situation and determine or review future needs for moving towards ISSAI compliant financial audit practice.

Five ASEANSAI members are participating in this project: SAI Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Philippines, and Thailand.

For information in infographic of this project could be seen here.

 Implementation schedule activities of ISSAI Implementation Needs Assessment for Financial Audit

No Time Activities
1. 16 – 20 December 2019 Workshop on ISSAI implementation needs assessment for Financial Audit di Bangkok
2. January – March 2020 ISSAI Implementation Needs Assessment in SAIs 
3. April 2020 Review of ISSAI Implementation Needs Assessment Report & Sustainability Plan

Photo: IDI-ASEANSAI ISSAI Implementation Needs Assessment for Financial Audit Workshop hosted by the State Audit Office of The Kingdom of Thailand in Bangkok, 16 – 20 December 2019.