Name: Dr. Isma Yatun, CSFA., CFrA.

Date of birth: October 12, 1965


Dr. Isma Yatun, CSFA., CFrA., the first female Chair of BPK, was appointed by the Legislative on April 21st, 2022, for her second term as a Board Member. With her current role, she proceeded as Chairperson of the United Nations Panel of External Auditors in 2023. She also serves as the Secretariat of the ASEAN Supreme Audit Institution (ASEANSAI), Chair of the ASEAN Audit Committee in 2023, and led the Sustainable Transport Audit Guideline under the WGEA program.

Dr. Isma Yatun has an educational background in engineering and accounting. She earned a Doctoral degree in accounting from Padjajaran University in 2020. Previously, she graduated with her bachelor’s in chemical engineering from Sriwijaya University in 1989 and a Master of Engineering degree in 2013 from the University of Indonesia. Further, she obtained two national professional certifications in auditing, Certified State Finance Auditor (CSFA) and Certified Forensic Auditor (CFrA).

E-mail : international@bpk.go.id