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Posted by admin On July - 30 - 2015

The 3rd ASEANSAI Senior Officials Meeting was successfully held in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam on July 27th – 28th 2015. The meeting which was attended by 35 senior officials from all SAI in ASEAN aimed to discuss various outstanding issues that needs to be resolved before the handover of the ASEANSAI Chairmanship at ASEANSAI Summit in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The topic of discussion included finalization of the dratf amendment of ASEANSAI Agreement, proposed agenda  [ Read More ]

Posted by admin On June - 15 - 2015

An Audit Seminar for ASEANSAI members, jointly hosted by CNAO and China’s Ministry of Commerce was held from 1 to 10 June 2015 in Nanjing, China. The seminar was attended by 22 participants from eight ASEAN member countries, SAI of Afghanistan and Macau. The seminar was opened by Jiang Haiying, Deputy Director General of International Cooperation Department. On the opening ceremony, SAI of Indonesia as the ASEANSAI Secretariat Function also had opportunity to deliver speech. The  [ Read More ]

Posted by indonesia On April - 20 - 2015

BPK was invited by Contralor General de la República (CGR) as the Secretariat of the Organization of Latin American and Caribbean Supreme Audit Institutions (OLACFES) to engage in an exchange on how to run a successful Secretariat for a regional organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (SAI). Reason The work of SAIs and their cooperation through regional organizations are gaining more and more importance and recognition not only in the SAI Community but also in the  [ Read More ]

Posted by admin On April - 9 - 2015

In line with ASEANSAI strategic Goal (SG 3) “to strengthen the organizational and audit capacity of member SAIs”, ASEANSAI under the Knowledge Sharing Committee (KSC) develops a project called ISSAI implementation. In order to prepare the project, COA of Philippines as the ISSAI Project Leader conducted Planning Meeting for ISSAI Implementation on 23 – 24 March 2015 in Tagaytay City, Philippines. Its objectives is to draw up a framework of how each of the ISSAI  [ Read More ]

Posted by admin On March - 9 - 2015

The IntoSAINT Moderator’s Training Workshop was successfully held in Nha Trang City, Vietnam on December 1st-6th 2014, with the administrative support of State Audit Office of Vietnam (SAV) and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). The meeting was attended by SAI Vietnam, SAI Filipina, SAI Brunei Darussalam, SAI Myanmar, SAI Kamboja, SAI Laos and SAI Indonesia as the participant with the two moderators from SAI Indonesia. The meeting was held with the purpose to provide  [ Read More ]

Posted by indonesia On March - 4 - 2015

ASEANSAI Assembly Meeting, held in 8 February 2015, was attended by heads and representatives of 9 SAI members. SAI of Myanmar did not come to the meeting. SAI of Indonesia was represented by Harry Azhar Azis (Chairman), Hendar Ristriawan (Secretary General), Bahtiar Arif (Principal Director). At the opening remarks Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Anifah Aman said Malaysia, as the ASEAN chairman this year, was looking towards ASEANSAI for recommendations to draw up a Post-2015 Vision  [ Read More ]

Posted by indonesia On February - 16 - 2015

Regarding to the ISSAI Implementation project in 2015, based on results of Bandung Workshop and Manila Meeting 2014, it is necessary to have a clear action plan to clarify responsibilities for each participant within the project. The action plan also includes project activities allocation and responsibilities for each donor. Considering each donor has different source and ways in supporting the ASEANSAI project, a meeting to discuss the commitment from each donor is required. Donor coordination  [ Read More ]

Posted by indonesia On February - 3 - 2015

The Strategic Plan Committee (SPC) Meeting on the topic of “Communicating the ASEANSAI Monitoring System” was successfully held in Jakarta, Indonesia on January 19th-23rd 2015, with the administrative support from the State Audit Office of Vietnam (SAV). The meeting was attended by SAI Vietnam, SAI Indonesia, SAI Brunei Darussalam, SAI Cambodia, SAI Lao PDR, SAI Malaysia, SAI Philippines, and SAI Thailand as the participants with technical assistance provided by Subject Matter Expert (SME) from Gesellschaft  [ Read More ]

Posted by admin On December - 27 - 2014

ASEANSAI was established on 16 November 2011 as the realization of a shared desire among Supreme Audit Institution in the ASEAN region. ASEANSAI is a forum that serves to facilitate to sharing knowledge and experience in the field of public sector audit. ASEANSAI is expected to be able to play an important role in increasing the capacity of audit institutions in the respective states of ASEANSAI. ASEANSAI has passed couple years since it was established.  [ Read More ]

Posted by indonesia On November - 5 - 2014

The ASEANSAI Executive Committee held a meeting in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on October 21st 2014, facilitated by National Audit Authority of Kingdom of Cambodia. The meeting was attended by SAI Brunei Darussalam as ASEANSAI Chairman and Administrative Function,  SAI Cambodia as Vice Chairman of ASEANSAI, and SAI Indonesia as ASEANSAI Secretariat Function. It was to discuss and make decisions on several topics such as; ASEANSAI Activities since last November 2013, Follow-up Outstanding Issues, Amendment on  [ Read More ]