Posted by admin On August 16, 2021

ASEANSAI Guidelines on Public Procurement (AGPP) was published in 2016 and used as a basis for the Workshops’ courseware on the Audit of Public Procurement (WAPP). 23 auditors from 7 ASEANSAI members joined the Workshop at that time. As a continuation, Follow-up Workshop (FUWAPP) was also held in 2018 with the list of enhancements for AGPP as one of the most significant outputs.

Therefore, using the updated AGPP, the Instructor’s Design Meeting was held in 2019 to design the upcoming WAPP; including the session, time allotment, and assignment to review the course materials. Considering the global pandemic situation, an originally planned WAPP Phase 2 in 2020 was then held virtually in 2021 from 16 to 20 August.

The workshop aimed to capacitate the ASEANSAI auditors in conducting an ISSAI-based procurement audit. SAI Philippines as the Chair of the ASEANSAI Training Committee hosted and led the Workshop with the participation of around 45 representatives from 9 ASEANSAI member countries. The Workshop covered the explanations on course overview, public procurement, audit plan, exercise, audit performance, and write of the audit report.

After the workshop, ASEANSAI is expected to have capacitated auditors on procurement audit to sustain the implementation of ISSAI-based compliance audit in ASEANSAI.