Posted by admin On August 12, 2021

The Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia (SAI Indonesia) as Project Leader of ASEANSAI Knowledge Sharing Committee (KSC) Activity on Modern Fisheries successfully hosted the Virtual Workshop on Performance Auditing on Modern Fisheries: Knowledge Sharing for ASEANSAI on 12 August 2021. The Workshop was officially opened by Dr. Sayed Alwee Hussnie Sayed Husin, Director of Policy and International Relations Division of SAI Malaysia as the Representative of KSC Chair, together with Dr. Isma Yatun, Board Member of SAI Indonesia.

During the opening remarks, Dr. Isma Yatun conveys that ASEAN Countries are dominantly connected to the rivers and ocean in which the fishing industry plays a major role in sustaining the economies of the member countries. Along with the advances in modern technology, there comes a need to assess the sustainable ecological balance and to avoid the over-exploitation. Consequently, the government set some programs and projects to manage the fisheries sector.

She further explains that in the term of accountability, to ensure the governments’ programs for fisheries sector has been managed effectively, efficiently, and economically, SAIs have to carry out performance audit in the sector. Therefore, government and SAIs have to be hand in hand in the effort to maintain the sustainability and continuity of the fisheries sector.

Attended by around 72 auditors from 8 ASEANSAI Member countries, the Workshop aimed to enhance the audit capacity building among ASEANSAI members through the exchange of ideas, sharing of audit experiences, and best practices in the field of modern fishery audit. Speakers from Academic, Government Regulatory Agency, Special Advisor of SAI Norway, and Expert of SAI Indonesia were also actively contributed during the Workshop by providing various insight and perspectives on multi-dimensional field of modern fisheries audit
In general, the Workshop covered the presentation and discussion on:
1. Academic perspective on modern fisheries;
2. Implementation of electronic fishing logbook to improve data collection;
3. Modern fisheries audit in Norway; and
4. Performance audit on modern fisheries.

The Workshop was concluded with closing remarks from Mr. Bahtiar Arif, Secretary General of SAI Indonesia and Head of ASEANSAI Secretariat. He conveyed that the Workshop was not only about the sharing of knowledge but also about demonstrating the good relation and close cooperation among ASEANSAI and the Stakeholders. Further, he also expressed his appreciation to the Speakers and the Committee for the success of the Workshop.

As the follow up of the event, the Project Leader will summarize the knowledge-sharing report and convey it to the KSC Chair and ASEANSAI Community.