Posted by admin On September 11, 2020

ASEANSAI organized the 1st Task Force Meeting through video conference on 8 September 2020. The meeting was attended by the Executive Committee, Secretariat and Chairs of Training Committee, Knowledge Sharing Committee, Rules and Procedures Committee and Strategic Planning Committee to discuss further and to conduct study on the need on legal capacity for ASEANSAI organization.

Along with the establishment of ASEANSAI, engagement with external parties is deemed necessary to support the organizational development. Further, there is a concern about the ASEANSAI’ engagement with external related with the legal capacity of ASEANSAI particularly Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with development partners.

To settle this issue, the Assembly at the 5th ASEANSAI Summit held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in November 2019 agreed to establish a task force on ASEANSAI Legal Capacity. The Task Force has role to conduct the study analysis and deliberate the ASEANSAI needs and requirement for a legal capacity status. The result of the study to be approved by ASEANSAI Assembly and finally amend the ASEANSAI Establishment Agreement, if necessary.

The 1st ASEANSAI Task Force was opened by H.E. Datuk Nik Azman bin Nik Abdul Majid, Chairman of ASEANSAI, by conveying recalling the conclusion of the Executive Committee Meeting and emphasizing the meeting objective and expected meeting output.

A fruitful discussion on the content of the TOR on the establishment of the Task Force as well as the draft study outline were contributed by all meeting participants. At the meeting, it was agreed to appoint SAI Indonesia as the Chair of the Task Force to take a lead the study until 2021 and bring the result to the 6th ASEANSAI Assembly in Myanmar.

The meeting was closed by Chairman of ASEANSAI by conveyed his utmost appreciation to all meeting participants. He expected, in the spirit of unity and togetherness of ASEANSAI, we can achieve a beneficial result that will be agreed in consensus both by Task Force members and the rest of ASEANSAI members.