Posted by admin On August 26, 2020


ASEANSAI, which was established in 2011, is a professional, autonomous, independent, and non-political regional organization. The focus of ASEANSAI is building the capacity of its members. To achieve this objective, ASEANSAI collaborates with external parties.

One of the issues raised during the collaboration is the legal capacity of ASEANSAI. During the 5th ASEANSAI Summit in 2019, all ASEANSAI members agreed to establish the Task Force on ASEANSAI Legal Capacity (TFALC) to further study ASEANSAI’s needs for the legal capacity.

In the framework of establishing the TF, a technical meeting attended by 15 participants as representatives of the Executive Committee, Chair of the Committee, and the ASEANSAI Secretariat was held today (26/08/2020).
Dr. Sayed Alwee Hussnie Sayed Hussin, Director International Relations Review, Research & Quality Assurance Division of SAI Malaysia as a representative of the Chair of ASEANSAI opened and led the meeting. Several issues were discussed including the input for the Term of Reference (TOR) on the establishment of TFALC, the outline of the study in the analysis of ASEANSAI legal capacity, and other TFALC related issues.

The meeting ran smoothly and resulted; (1) adjustment of the TOR and the TFALC; (2) election of SAI Indonesia as the Chair of TFALC; and (3) points of preparation for the upcoming TF Meeting on 8 September 2020.