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Posted by admin On November 7, 2019

The 4th edition of the ASEANSAI Book entitled “Enhancing ASEANSAI’s Member to professionalism” which continues the publication of the ASEANSAI Book title “Spirit of togetherness for achievement” in 2017. This edition will highlight the ASEANSAI information, ASEANSAI Meeting and Activities, ASEANSAI and International Community, ASEANSAI Committees’ Activities, Head of SAI Word Encouragement and ASEANSAI documents from November 2017 to October 2019.

Through the spirit of togetherness of ten member SAIs to be one organization and desiring to promote understanding and cooperation among the Supreme Audit Institutions of ASEAN Member states in the field of public sector auditing in order to safeguard a stable and prosperous ASEAN Community.


Download: ASEANSAI Book Part 4 : Enhancing ASEANSAI’s Member to Professionalism