Posted by admin On April 24, 2019

The ASEAN Secretariat organized the 3rd Forum of Entities Associated with ASEAN on 29 April 2019 at the ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta, Indonesia to facilitate engagement between ASEAN and its accredited entities. This forum aims to elevate entities’ awareness regarding ASEAN work plan and priorities as well as to inform them on how the entities could contribute towards achieving ASEAN Vision 2025 through specific collaborative undertakings.

During the meeting over 150 participants representing ASEAN youth, civil societies, women, business and professional associations attended the forum to discuss about the progress that they have made and how they could strengthen collaboration in achieving a more integrated and people-focused ASEAN.

Dr. AKP Mochtan, Deputy Secretary-General (DSG) of ASEAN for Community and Corporate Affairs, highlighted in his welcome remarks how ASEAN and the entities could work closer together in achieving a more people-oriented and people-centered ASEAN.

While Phasporn Sangasubana, Permanent Representative of Thailand to ASEAN underscored that this forum will serve as a useful initiative too provide a platform for the entities to interact with the Secretariat as the nerve centre of ASEAN. She assured that the platform will help to strengthen the ASEAN community.

The meeting was divided into three Break-up Sessions with ASEAN Sectoral Bodies which involving APSC, ASCC and AEC to share the ongoing issues and where entities can be involved. At the break out session, the ASEANSAI Secretariat had the opportunity to share its experience at the APSC break out session in collaborating with ASEAN Secretariat and AIPA to conduct a Joint Seminar on laying the foundation for future cooperation in promoting accountability and transparency in ASEAN on 26 February 2019 in Jakarta. The session was led by Dr. Suriya Chindawongse, Director General of ASEAN Thailand National Secretariat, he recommended ASEANSAI to approach ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA) and the national government to work together on transparency and accountability issues. He also encouraged ASEANSAI and AIPA to propose specific recommendation which could address political security issues.

The meeting was closed through the sharing session by the ASEAN Secretariat on Platform of Cooperation. At this session the ASEAN Secretariat shared on how they will able to facilitate Joint-Collaboration/Project of Sectoral Bodies and Entities including resources and funding opportunities.