Posted by admin On July 15, 2017

The GIZ Support to ASEANSAI project is running in its second phase from May 2015-December 2018. After the 4 consecutive years of project support to ASEANSAI, it is come the time to take stock achievements gained so far and to develop an outlook for the remaining 18 months of the project.

BPK as the candidate of longer-term ASEANSAI Secretariat plays a vital role in ASEANSAI and is a driving force; not only in its coordinating and facilitating function as Secretariat, but also as committed member SAI that continuously strives for the further development and professionalization of ASEANSAI as an organization.

While the GIZ project team needed space to internally review its work and develop a joint outlook, aligned the orientation with the needs of ASEANSAI and its members SAIs; and developed an outphasing strategy for the project; a twofold Strategy Planning Workshop is held from 10th to 15th July 2017 at Mesa Stila, Magelang. The workshop provided space for GIZ internal project coordination and planning works (3,5 days) and included BPK staff as key stakeholders for levelling off, joint discussion, align the strategy, and outlook the ASEANSAI and the GIZ project (Thursday, 13th July). A visit to the BPK Audit Museum in Magelang is also held on the 14th July.

Objectives of the workshop are:

  1. To develop an outphasing strategy for the GIZ-ASEANSAI project;
  2. To update and concrete the activity/operational plan for July 2017-December 2018 along with the outphasing strategy; and
  3. To develop a communication strategy for the GIZ-ASEANSAI project (towards ASEANSAI members & donor partners).

A total of 9 participants from GIZ-ASEANSAI project and BPK as the ASEANSAI Secretariat took part in the workshop. During the workshop, participants were actively discussed the achievements and challenges of ASEANSAI, prioritization of ASEANSAI activities, and requested supports from GIZ for the remaining periods.

As the results of the workshop, participants were agreed on:

  1. Communicating the issue of “Donor Coordination Meeting” to member SAIs which is planned to be held as a side meeting of Summit 2017.
  2. Raising the issue of windows of opportunities for ASEANSAI to the Heads of SAIs/Top Management.

Raising the issue of “ASEANSAI/GIZ closing activity” to engage Heads of SAI and facilitating the strong content dialogue that also show a high visibility to the international development partners.