Posted by admin On June 13, 2017

ASEANSAI Coordination Meeting to formulate Committees’ Work Plan 2018-2021 was held from 12 to 13 June 2017 in Jakarta, Indonesia attended by eleven participants from the member of Strategic Planning Committee, representatives from ASEANSAI Secretariat and GIZ .

The meeting aims to :

  1. accelerate the formulation of Committee’s Work Plan for achieving the finalization of Committee’s Work Plan and ASEANSAI Strategic Plan at the 4th Senior Officials Meeting which to be held on July to August 2017 in Cambodia.
  2. synergize the Committee’s Work Plan and ASEANSAI Strategic Plan period 2018-2021.
  3. coordinate the activities under Traning Committee and Knowledge Sharing Committee.

The meeting was arranged between Committee Chairs with expertise support from GIZ to direct the Committee’s Work Plan towards the Strategic Goals (SGs) and Strategic Objectives (SOs) to ensure their alignment, complete the implementation matrix, and agree on activities need to be done prior to SOM.

The implementation matrix was also discussed and fulfilled with involvement from Committee Chairs. For the coming period, it was agreed that Committees would carry out long-term projects/programs with concrete key performance indicator (KPI), outputs, and outcomes instead of individual activities to ensure its efficient conduction. SAV would continue to finalize the 5th draft of Strategic Plan to seek further contributions from all member SAIs before submitting to SOM.