Posted by admin On May 9, 2017

During 2016, ASEANSAI has organized many activities consisting of training and sharing knowledge forum. ASEANSAI outstanding program, called Long-term ASEANSAI Program on ISSAI Implementation (LTAPII), has entered into Phase 2. Under this phase, ASEANSAI has conducted Audit Review Meeting in July 2016, aiming to review the result of pilot audit and discuss the difficulties as well as challenges faced during Phase 1 and Instructor’s Design Meeting in November 2016 aiming to design the course material to be delivered in 2017.

Under the sharing knowledge activities, ASEANSAI has conducted Workshop on Audit of Public Procurement in November 2016 using the guideline developed in 2015. Another activity held in 2016 was the development of guideline on audit revenue.

At international activities, ASEANSAI has a privilege to present its achievement at the 50th  ASOSAI Governing Board Meeting both in Thailand. Further, an opportunity to introduce ASEANSAI to the INTOSAI community was held in the XXII INCOSAI Abu Dhabi by opening the ASEANSAI booth exhibition. The booth aimed to display the profile of ASEANSAI, its activities and its achievement.

Under the framework of cooperation with other stakeholders, ASEANSAI continued its relations with development partner consisting of GIZ, World Bank, and ADB as well as other international organization such as Swedish National Audit Office (SNAO), ASOSAI, and INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI). The outstanding ASEANSAI achievement was the Grant Agreement signing with the World Bank on the area of establishment of ISSAI Facilitators Poll for ASEANSAI.

The signing of the protocol on amending the ASEANSAI Agreement on 8 December 2016 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, has brought ASEANSAI into single and longer term Secretariat

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