Posted by admin On February 8, 2017

The cooperation between German Development Cooperation and ASEANSAI within the framework “Support to ASEANSAI Programme” through GIZ, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) in early 2017 was preparing the next stage of commitment toward economic partnership with the German Government. To discuss the cooperation that has been established between ASEANSAI with GIZ and the possibility of cooperation in the future, =the German Government and the ASEANSAI Secretariat conducted a Review Meeting on 7 February  2017 in the Headquarter of BPK, Jakarta.

Mr. Denis Sertcan, representative from German Embassy and Mr. Daniel Blessing as well as Ms. Birthe Meyer from the Team of GIZ-ASEANSAI were presented on this meeting.

In summary, the meeting dicussed:

  1. Cooperation between GIZ and ASEANSAI

The cooperation development since 2013 where many of ASEANSAI activities has been successfully conducted with the support from GIZ.

2. Achieved results of ASEANSAI with the support from GIZ

The achievements include the implementation of Monitoring and Evaluation System (MES), development of organizational structures thru comparative study done to SAI Chile as OLACEFS Secretariat, and dissemination of ISSAI implementation thru Long-term ASEANSAI Program on ISSAI Implementation (LTAPII).

3.ASEANSAI influence toward the ASEAN region

ASEANSAI plays the role in developing the capacity of member SAIs in the field of public sector audit from the institutional level, organizational level, and professional level.

In addition, ASEANSAI also plays the part in strengthening the independency of SAIs, implementing Agenda 2030 for sustainable development, encouraging the member to be External Auditor for ASEAN.

4. Expectation from the cooperation of GIZ-ASEANSAI

ASEANSAI expecting the support from GIZ in developing the Strategic Plan, strengthening the Secretariat, and developing the Knowledge Management System.