Posted by admin On January 23, 2017

With the continued support from GIZ, ASEANSAI has developed its potential as the regional organization through the sharing of knowledge and experience between the fellow members and other external stakeholders.

Therefore, the Evaluation Mission was held to evaluate the existing cooperation between GIZ and ASEANSAI as well as to formulate the upcoming cooperation scheme and next steps to resolved the remaining-outstanding issues within ASEANSAI.

The meeting for this Mission was held on 23 January 2017 in the Headquarter of BPK, Jakarta.

The results of the meeting are as follow:

  1. The need for Knowledge Management System as a center to organize and document the paperwork and the existing network of ASEANSAI.
  2. The need for systematic approach, on the shape of GIZ integrated expert’s involvement in ASEANSAI activities, to strengthen the capacity of younger SAIs.
  3. Trilateral cooperation should be further established in order to close capacity gaps between member SAIs.
  4. Proposed consideration for ASEANSAI to become the External Auditor for ASEAN. By playing this role, it would significantly add to the professionalization of ASEANSAI, while improving transparency and efficiency of ASEAN. It would, furthermore, imply the institutional strengthening of ASEAN. Additional goal on ASEANSAI Strategic Plan could be further strengthening the member SAIs’ independency.
  5. The evaluation team reccommended an extension for the cooperation for 2 to 3 years, from January 2019 to maintain the achieved results and to ensure the sustainability of the organizational structures.