Posted by admin On September 9, 2016

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With regards to implement the KSC work plan period 2014-2017, in 2016 SAI Thailand conducted the Knowledge Sharing Workshop on Audit of Public Private Partnerships (PPP) from 30 August-1 September at Pathumwan Princess Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand. It was attended by 13 persons from 7 member countries; SAI Indonesia, SAI Lao PDR, SAI Malaysia, SAI Philippines, SAI Singapore, SAI Thailand and SAI Vietnam. BPK was represented by Kamaluddin (senior auditor) to attend the workshop.

The purpose of this workshop is to develop knowledge sharing about auditing management among ASEAN member countries through various perspectives, experiences, research, and best practices in the field of public sector audit. Further, for the best result of the workshop, SAI Thailand also invited the lecturer, researcher, prosecutor, economist, engineer, and anti-corruption experts to share their own ideas and perspectives on PPP projects.

During the workshop, SAI Thailand together with the invited experts shared the 5 topics to the participants. The topics were as follow:

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  1. PPP and the important of auditing economic value added project;

  2. Overview of Auditing Public Private Partnerships;

  3. PPP : Legal perspective and Macroeconomic policy;

  4. Promoting Good Governance in Public Private Partnerships; and

  5. Sharing audit experience in PPP project.

As the follow up, SAI Thailand will summarize the knowledge sharing report in auditing public private partnership and will disseminate the summary report after the workshop finished. It was also expected that the workshop will be the main activity to promote SAIs cooperation, collaboration, and continuous improvement through knowledge sharing.