Posted by admin On August 12, 2016


Following the 6th SPC Meeting on “Communicating the ASEANSAI Monitoring System”, SAI Vietnam as the Chair of SPC held the 7th SPC Meeting on “Developing the ASEANSAI Strategic Plan 2018-2021” from 16-17 August 2016 in SAI Vietnam Headquarter, Hanoi. It was attended by 15 delegates from 8 SAI members of SPC; SAI Cambodia, SAI Brunei Darussalam, SAI Indonesia, SAI Lao PDR, SAI Malaysia, SAI Philippines, SAI Thailand, and SAI Vietnam.

The meeting focused on the discussion of the ASEANSAI activities according to the committee work plan which has been implemented during the year 2014 -2016. This is to find recommendation and approaches to develop the ASEANSAI Strategic Plan for the next period 2018-2021. The alternatives for the alternatives for the upcoming ASEANSAI Strategic Plan whether: (a) continue the existing Strategic Plan with adjustment or; (b) develop new ASEANSAI Strategic Plan for period 2018-2021.

The meeting agreed on the decision that during the ASEANSAI Senior Officials Meeting, SPC will propose to appoint a Committee to take responsibility of reviewing activities under the Work Plan before submitting to Executive Committee for its approval in order to ensure the closeness and alignment with the Strategic Plan; Also suggested to consider the consensus mechanism in the operation of ASEANSAI (currently it is required to achieve 100% pass rate) in order to promote the possibility of reach important decision within the organization.

As the way forward, SAI Vietnam would:

  1. Request all ASEANSAI members and committees to send activities/results of their works in 2016 for updating the assessment of Strategic Plan implementation (in December 2016);

  2. Circulate  the summary of discussion (in the first half of September 2016);

  3. Develop action plan for Strategic Plan 2018-2021 (in the first half of September 2016);

  4. Finalize the summary of discussion among SPC members (the second half of September); and

  5. Circulate the survey questionaires for developing ASEANSAI Strategic Plan 2018 – 2021 among SPC members (the second half of September) before sending to all ASEANSAI members (the second half of October 2016).