Posted by admin On June 3, 2016

With support from members and development partners, ASEANSAI has launched a few initiatives to accelerate ISSAI implementation in member countries through holistic approach.  These include mapping the baseline of ISSAI implementation and training programs to improve the knowledge of staff of member SAIs.

The programme was defined into two phases. Phase 1: the Risk based audit and internal control based on ISSAI and phase 2: Establishment of ISSAI Facilitators Pool. Status of the Programme as of April 2016 is conducting pilot audit. The nearest activity of the programme is the Audit Review Meeting, which will be held in Thailand from 25 – 29 July 2016, as the end of Phase 1.

To assure quality of the pilot audit, there will be hot and cold review on the audit process and audit report by inviting SME from SNAO. The hot review will be conducted on May – July 2016, while the cold review will be conducted on July – September 2016.

To ensure smooth transition of the project from phase 1 and phase 2, a coordination between Training Committee, Knowledge Sharing Committee and Secretariat made through an ASEANSAI Mentor Meeting in Manila, Philippines from 31 May to 3 June 2016. Supported by German Cooperation, the meeting was attended by 22 participants from the mentor, Project Leader and Sub Project Leader and Subject Matter Expert from Swedish National Audit Office.

It was agreed between Project Leader, Sub Project Leader and the SME on the role of the SME for Phase 2 LTAPII, namely provide input on Quality Assurance Tools, provide explanation regarding the Quality Assurance process, provide comments on the cold and hot review process (expected completed before July 2016), check cold review list report from Mentors

One of the meeting objectives is assessing mentees’ compliance with the Financial Audit ISSAIs. Each mentor presented review result for the mentees and provide their recommendation. In this session, Karin Holmerin, as the SME from SNAO also provide its feedback on the review result. The meeting participants agreed upon the assessment/review/evaluation tools, discussing and coordinating on the role and responsibility and preparing the agenda for Audit Review Meeting. The meeting result will be followed up with the preparation of Audit Review Meeting and review of the audit report.