Posted by admin On July 30, 2015

The 3rd ASEANSAI Senior Officials Meeting was successfully held in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam on July 27th – 28th 2015. The meeting which was attended by 35 senior officials from all SAI in ASEAN aimed to discuss various outstanding issues that needs to be resolved before the handover of the ASEANSAI Chairmanship at ASEANSAI Summit in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

The topic of discussion included finalization of the dratf amendment of ASEANSAI Agreement, proposed agenda for the ASEANSAI Summit, ASEANSAI Committees’ Work Plan 2016/2017, and other matters. The meeting agreed on 11 items as follow:

  1. All SAIs will proceed with internal clearance for  existing draft protocol amending the agreement on establishment of the ASEAN Supreme Audit Institutions to enable the Agreement to be endorsed during upcoming Summit.
  2. All SAIs agree with the proposed agenda for ASEANSAI Summit. There were some proposed changes: First, to include Cambodia’s national anthem and ASEANSAI song. Second, courtesy call with Prime Minister of Cambodia to replace audience with His Majesty Raja Preah Bat Samdech Preah Boromneath. Third, approval of Chair and members of ASEANSAI committees. Fourth, Appointment of Auditor for FS 2014 and 2015. The detail agenda will be discussed with the Executive Committee and circulated to the member of ASEANSAI after the SOM.
  3. In order to achieve the effectiveness of activities and considering the availability of resources, all committees will synchronize and revise the work plan including the proposed budget in detail. It is expected that the revised work plan 2016-2017 would be submitted to Secretariat one month after the July SOM
  4. For the signing MoU between ASEANSAI and ADB, it is agreed on some items: First, The MoU with the ADB will be postponed because of the clarity of Annex 1 as activities described already supported by GIZ and World Bank until 2017. Second, Secretariat will seek possibility of future cooperation with ADB.
  5. Related to the draft financial statement 2014 and interim financial statement 2015, SAIs agreed that Chair of ASEANSAI will send a formal letter to GIZ for requesting information on activities to be funded during the project phase 2.
  6. With regards to the proposed budget 2016 – 2017 for ASEANSAI activities, it is agreed that there will be a segregation of funding for activities to be funded by GIZ and self funded by the ASEANSAI Committees.
  7. All of current Committees’ Chair agreed to reassume the chairmanship until 2017. It is also agreed that SAI Brunei Darussalam, SAI Laos and SAI Thailand wished to join SPC as members.
  8. Self nomination for the next secretariat will be issued one month after SOM for approval in the ASEANSAI Summit.
  9. Related to the issue on Appointment of Auditor for 2016, it is agreed that the Secretariat will request SAIs to propose as Auditor for 2015 – 2016 and wait the candidacy up to one month after SOM.
  10. SAI Malaysia will provide more detail on the proposal of External Auditor ASEAN Secretariat.
  11. The signing of the letter of commitment of ISSAI Implementation is waived.

Following the SOM, pre handover of ASEANSAI Chairmanship was conducted at the Office of Jabatan Audit Brunei Darussalam on 29th July 2015 and  attended by SAI of Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia and Cambodia. The meeting discussed the preparation of Summit and the detail agenda of the Summit.