Posted by admin On December 27, 2014

ASEANSAI was established on 16 November 2011 as the realization of a shared desire among Supreme Audit Institution in the ASEAN region. ASEANSAI is a forum that serves to facilitate to sharing knowledge and experience in the field of public sector audit. ASEANSAI is expected to be able to play an important role in increasing the capacity of audit institutions in the respective states of ASEANSAI.

ASEANSAI has passed couple years since it was established. Over the years, there have been many activities undertaken by ASEANSAI. All of ASEANSAI Committees have been actively conduct their projects. ASEANSAI Secretariat also has an opportunity to attend CBC Meeting in Peru and have a study visit to the Secretariat AFROSAI-E which gave secretariat broader view on how to run a secretariat effectively.

During 2014, ASEANSAI steps forward to the important milestone in emphasizing knowledge sharing activity on sharing the experiences on ISSAI (International Standards of Supreme Audit Institutions) Implementation pertaining to Financial Audit. Through Knowledge Sharing and training Committee, ASEANSAI develops an action plan on how to deal with the challenges and address the gaps resulting from ISSAI adaptation to the national and regional context.

This report will provide an overview on the activities that have been running during 2014.

Download ASEANSAI Activities Report 2014