Posted by indonesia On November 5, 2014

The ASEANSAI Executive Committee held a meeting in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on October 21st 2014, facilitated by National Audit Authority of Kingdom of Cambodia.

The meeting was attended by SAI Brunei Darussalam as ASEANSAI Chairman and Administrative Function,  SAI Cambodia as Vice Chairman of ASEANSAI, and SAI Indonesia as ASEANSAI Secretariat Function. It was to discuss and make decisions on several topics such as; ASEANSAI Activities since last November 2013, Follow-up Outstanding Issues, Amendment on ASEANSAI Work Plan 2014-2015, Audit Report on ASEANSAI Financial Statement Year 2013, Joint Communiqué, Proposed Agenda for ASEANSAI Assembly 2015, Proposed Agenda for ASEANSAI Technical Meeting 2015, Concept Paper for Proposed New Secretariat, Donor Support, ISSAI Implementation Project, and Monitoring Tools for Strategic Plan.

The results of the meeting will be used in the upcoming ASEANSAI Assembly Meeting and ASEANSAI Technical Meeting that will be held in February 8th, 2015 at Royal Chulan Hotel – Malaysia.

The meeting agreed the timeline for the amendment to ASEANSAI Agreement. The circulation to all ASEANSAI members will be done in the end of November 2014 and consolidated as well as summarised for discussion during the ASEANSAI Technical Meeting in February 2015.

The meeting further agreed the timeline for the preparation of MoU between ASEANSAI and ADB. Submission of feedback from all ASEANSAI members to be consolidated and summarised for later circulated to all members in January 2015. The result will be brought forward for discussion during the ASEANSAI Technical Meeting in February 2015.

The meeting approved proposal on both presentation during ASEANSAI Technical Meeting in February 2015: ISSAI Implementation by SAI Philippines and Monitoring Tool for Strategic Plan by SAI Vietnam.

It is also decided that the ASEANSAI Summit will be held in November 2015 in Cambodia and the preparation of the handover of chairmanship from Brunei to Cambodia will be held in August 2015 in Brunei Darussalam.