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[Picture 1] Photographs with the Entire Delegation

The Capacity Building Committee (CBC) is the INTOSAI advocate for, and custodian of, SAI capacity development. CBC facilitate initiatives in support of SAIs and regions, building their capacities and enhancing their capabilities. To fulfill its strategically important role, CBC needs to add value to the capacity-building sphere of INTOSAI by at least :

Facilitating a greater capacity-building role for the INTOSAI regions, from both a participation and an accountability angle, while recognising their diversity;
Supporting capacity building through knowledge sharing, for example by championing communities of practice, supporting inter- and cross regional knowledge sharing, or encouraging coordinated audits

To address issue on facilitating greater capacity-building role for the INTOSAI regions and inter-regional cooperation, CBC invited eight regional SAI organizations namely EUROSAI, ASOSAI, OLACEF, AFROSAI, CAROSAI, ARABOSAI, PASAI, and ASEANSAI to explain the profile, organization, objective and achievements as well as knowledge to share with other regional SAI organizations, to the Annual CBC Meeting 9-11 September 2014 in Lima Peru.

[Picture 2] Deputy AG SAI Malaysia Datuk Anwari Explaining Profile ASEANSAI


Besides those objectives, for ASEANSAI this meeting was an opportunity to promote and introduce the profile, objective and achievement ASEANSAI. Most of all, the invitation to ASEANSAI at this CBC meeting indicating INTOSAI recognition to ASEANSAI. This invitation also means opportunity for ASEANSAI to gain recognition from other external parties.

The ASEANSAI establishment has been officially recognized through the status of ASEANSAI as the entity associated with ASEAN, listed in the category of “other stakeholders” by the Secretary-General of ASEAN on 21 February 2013. Within its Southeast Asia scope, ASEANSAI has also conducted a series of communication and visits to introduce itself; one of them was the official visit to ASEAN Inter-Parliamentary Assembly (AIPA) office. Within broader scope, Asia, ASEANSAI got its chance to introduce itself to the 44th meeting of the ASOSAI Governing Board in Jaipur, India in February 2012. ASEANSAI also presented its workplan and implementation at the 46th meeting of ASOSAI Governing Board in February 2013 in Manila Philippines.

Within another broader extent, international scope, this time ASEANSAI has its chance to present the itself at the CBC Annual Meeting in Lima Peru 9-11 September 2014. This is an honor and a great opportunity for ASEANSAI to receive its first international official invitation. In addition, ASEANSAI, compared to other regional organization invited at CBC Annual Meeting, is the smallest organization in term of members, as well as the youngest organizations.

At this CBC meeting held in Lima, a new focus is launched for the committee. In five theme discussions, the CBC’s members and stakeholders discussed the future of capacity building in INTOSAI – its challenges and potential. The issues for discussion includes the capacity building impact of coordinated audits, the needs and possibilities of public sector auditor certification and accreditation, inter-regional cooperation as well as the importance of forging strategic partnerships when strengthening SAI capacity. In Lima, a joint CBC work plan is created based on the agreed priorities, and a number of smaller working groups will be set up to bring the issues forward.

[Picture 3] Datuk Anwari Handed ASEANSAI Book to Einar Gørrissen, IDI Director General


ASEANSAI representatives consist of 3 people from 2 countries, namely from SAI Indonesia and SAI Malaysia. Delegates from SAI Malaysia are Anwari bin Datuk Suri (Deputy AG of SAI Malaysia) and Mohd Roslan Dah (Senior Audit Officer of SAI Malaysia) while delegate from SAI Indonesia is Wahyudi (as the ASEANSAI Secretariat Function). Datuk Anwari bin Suri assigned as the person to represent ASEANSAI and give presentations at the CBC meeting. He present about the following matters:

  1. Establishment and SAI members
  2. The purpose of the establishment of the organization
  3. Functions of the organization
  4. The organizational structure
  5. Current board of executive council and committee membership
  6.  Strategic plan
  7. Committee workplans
  8. Committee activities

 [Picture 4] Datuk Anwari and Wahyudi gave Book ASEANSAI to the Comptroller General of the SAI of Peru Fuad Khoury Zarzar as the host of the meeting


In this event, Datuk Anwari discussed with Kimi Makwetu, Auditor-General of South Africa as the Chairman of INTOSAI CBC. Datuk Anwari also met the IDI Director General, Einar Gørrissen and Monika González-Koss, INTOSAI Director of Strategic Planning. He also conducted a series of discussions with several chairman and representatives from the seven regional SAI organizations (EUROSAI, ASOSAI, OLACEF, AFROSAI, CAROSAI, ARABOSAI, PASAI) regarding prospect cooperation with ASEANSAI. Datuk Anwari also delivered books ASEANSAI “From Ideas into Reality”, ASEANSAI leaflets, newsletters to his counterparts.

 [Picture 5] Delegates Took a Picture With Kimi Makwetu, The Auditor General of SAI South Afica as Chairman of The Committee of INTOSAI Capacity Buliding


With the growing recognition to ASEANSAI’s profile and achievement, it is expected that in the near future ASEANSAI organisation is recognized as well as ASOSAI and INTOSAI, as well as other regional organizations within INTOSAI. ASEANSAI is expected to be acknowledged as regional organizations that encourages professionalism, mutual support and understanding in the area of public auditing. ASEANSAI require appropriate and diplomatic marketing strategy to capture any substantial moment to introduce itself and use vigorous approach to obtain the recognition from related parties. To endorse it, ASEANSAI should be able to show its significant achievements, as well as its value and benefit to society, SAI members, the Southeast Asian region, and contribute to international world. ASEANSAI also must be supported by strong secretariat management and skilled secretariat staffs.

 [Picture 6] Datuk Anwari gave Goodie Bag Containing Profile ASEANSAI to Yujiro Ichikawa Board of Audit of Japan as the representative of ASOSAI

[Picture 7] Datuk Anwari and Wahyudi gave Book ASEANSAI to Monika González Koss, INTOSAI Director of Strategic Planning