Posted by editor On June 8, 2012

The ASEANSAI Strategic Planning Committee meeting was held in Hanoi,
Vietnam from 14th to 17th May, 2012. The meeting which was attended by 10
participants from SAI of Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam is an essential step in
the development of ASEANSAI’s Strategic Plan.

The work of the Committee is based on the IDI’s guidance on strategic planning
and ASEANSAI agreement. Prior to the meeting, the Committee had circulated
the survey to assess ASEANSAI member’s needs. The survey assessed 7 domains
which covered almost every necessary information within an organization relating
to independence and legal framework, human resources, audit methodology
and standards, leadership and internal governance, administrative support,
external stakeholder relations. Through the survey, the Committee had been
able to identify the gaps and main concern of each SAIs for every domain to
determine ASEANSAI’s main issues. Strategic goals, strategic objectives and key
performance indicators were then formulated to address each main issue.

The proposed Vision, Mission and Values of the ASEANSAI are as follows:
● Vision: “To be a recognized auditing professional association in
promoting good governance in ASEAN region”
● Mission: ASEANSAI is an autonomous, independent, professional and
non-political organization/association established to:
1. Promote cooperation among the members of ASEANSAI
2. Establish constructive and beneficial relation with ASEAN and other
international stakeholders
● Values: Respect, Professionalism, Partnership
Afterwards, the Strategic Planning Committee will seek comments from the
members and aligning the draft with the plan prepared by other committees
to finalize the Strategic Plan. Additionally, the Committee is planning to
held the next meeting in October, 2012 where the draft Strategic Plan, the
implementation matrix and the development of a system to monitor and evaluate
the implementation of the Strategic Plan will be discussed.