Posted by admin On February 22, 2012

A midst the bustle of the ASEANSAI establishment preparation, the editors strived to assemble a mosaic of various discussions, meetings, interviews in a frame of the journey to the establishment of a platform for SAIs of ASEAN member states.

This historical journey will be a witness of the BPK RI and other ASEAN SAIs for the future generations of the persistence, commitment and dedication to build an association of SAIs that is reliable and credible in the ASEAN region which in turn encourages the growth of good governance.

Hence, it is correct if Warta BPK editors were to publish a special edition to capture this historical moment as a valuable contribution to the BPK RI, SAIs of ASEAN member

states, the ASEAN community and even the various parties who would benefit from ASEANSAI. Let us welcome the establishment of ASEANSAI with the spirit of ONE VISION, ONE IDENTITY, and One Caring and Sharing community in the ideals of creating the ASEAN community 2015.

Download  Warta BPK, Special Edition, November 2011