The membership of ASEANSAI comprises of 10 SAIs of the ASEAN Member States. It consists of four important bodies, namely, the Assembly, Executive Committee, Secretariat and the Committee. The Assembly, as a decision-making body, is composed of all ASEANSAI members who serves as the Auditor General or Head of each SAI while the Executive Committee comprises of the Chairman and Vice Chairman of ASEANSAI.

Meanwhile, Secretariat is headed by the Head of Secretariat which shall be appointed by the Chairman of ASEANSAI. Based on the result from ASEANSAI Assembly which held in Brunei Darussalam on 2013, there was an agreement for a transitional arrangement before the establishment of Permanent Secretariat and Administration Office. The arrangement was The Audit Board of The Republic of Indonesia would continue the Secretariat duties in managing finance and bank account, keeping records, and communicating with donors, while the administration supports would be provided by SAI who served as the Chairman. This practice still followed till now.

On the other hand, to implement Assemblys’ decision in harmony with ASEANSAI goals and objectives, the Committee is formed from among the Members of ASEANSAI. ASEANSAI Committee consists of Strategic Planning Committee, Rules and Procedure Committee, Knowledge Sharing Committee, and Training Committee.

For further refrence, please see the below chart:

  1. Organization Structure ASEANSAI 2012 – 2013
  2. Organization Structure ASEANSAI 2013 – 2015
  3. Organization Structure ASEANSAI 2015 – 2017