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Laos is located in Southeast Asia, directly bordered by Thailand and Vietnam. Mekong River forms most part of the border by Thailand. Meanwhile, to the east, a range of Mt. Rantai Annam is bordered by Vietnam. Apart from Vientiane, a capital city of Laos and the biggest city in the country, other big cities in Laos is Luang Prabang, Savannakhet, and Pakse. An estimated 6.4 million inhabitants live side by side harmoniously and peacefully despite different religions and faiths.

Laos adopts communism system, with Revolutionary People’s Party of Laos (LPRP) as a ruling party. President is elected by parliament and the prime minister appointed by president is tasked to exercise the government policies; meanwhile the government policy is determined by party through Politbiro member. Since 1991, Laos has a new constitution in which a general election is held the following year to elect 85 members of National Assembly and in the general election in 1997, the number of members was extended again to 99.