1. Structure
    • Chairman : Jabatan Audit Negara Malaysia
    • Members :
    • Jabatan Audit Brunei Darussalam
    • National Audit Authority of Kingdom of Cambodia
    • The State Audit Organization of Lao P.D.R
    • Office of the Auditor General of the Union
    • The Commission on Audit of the Republic of the Philippines
    • Office of the Auditor General of Thailand
    • State Audit Office of Vietnam
    • The Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia
  2. Work Plan and TOR
  3. Contact Person:
    Ms. Azizah Daud [azizahdaud@audit.gov.my; myaseansai@audit.gov.my]
    Ms. Hema Latha a/p Kumaresan [hemalatha@audit.gov.my; myaseansai@audit.gov.my]
    Ms. Natasha Muhammad Merejok [natasha@audit.gov.my; myaseansai@audit.gov.my]
    Ms. Ummi Kalsom Mohamad [ummikalsom@audit.gov.my; myaseansai@audit.gov.my]
    Mr. Muhammad Akmal Ikram Kamarul Zaman [akmalikram@audit.gov.my;