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Posted by admin On December 10, 2018

The State Audit Office of Vietnam (SAV) as Chair of ASEANSAI Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) in cooperation with the Audit Board of the Republic of Indonesia (BPK) organized ASEANSAI Annual Meeting on Monitoring and Evaluation in Jakarta from 4 to 7 December 2018. The meeting, officially opened by Prof. Bahrullah Akbar, Vice Chairman of BPK, was attended by 20 participants from Executive Committee, Knowledge Sharing Committee, Training Committee, Strategic Planning Committee and Secretariat.

As a regular function of the Monitoring and Evaluation System, the ASEANSAI Committee Chair scheduled to meet up with other ASEANSAI committees once a year to review the progress of planned projects and activities, identify any challenges faced and discuss the solution to overcome them. Based on the challenges found, they will formulate new strategy to implement the upcoming work plan.

Through discussion, the meeting results are about a collective effort to come to draw strategies to adapt the design of ASEANSAI’s Work Plan for the following years. The meeting provides inputs for the Annual Result Report 2018, proposal to revise the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) of some Strategic Objectives and adjustment of the Committee Work Plan in 2019.